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Artist Gallery

Our artists are selected to make our exhibitions as exciting as possible and to complement each other's work. The artists and makers below regularly exhibit with us, but for each exhibition we hold we source additional new contributors to ensure variety. For details of specific shows see our forthcoming events. 

If you are interested in exhibiting with us please contact us with a link to your website.  

Dawn Benson | Linda Bloomfield | Carlos Dare | Helen Dyne | Mary English | Daren Greenhow | 

Sara Holmes | Christiane Kersten | Georgia Lingwood | Claire Loder | Flora McLachlan |

Este MacLeod | Fiona Millais | Sally Muir | Jenny Oliver | Carol Orwin | Dawn Stacey | Ruth Taylor | Gilbert Whyman  |

 Manny Woodard | Teresa Martin | Ferri Michaelides | Virginia Ray |

Tabitha McBain | Peter Clothier | Joy Trpkovic | Alison Catchlove | Eve Shepherd | Martyn Perryman | Julie Collins | 

Judith Needham | Lynn Warren | Mike Bigland | Gwen Bainbridge | Felicity Lloyd Coombes | Keith Gretton | Lisa Pettibone | 

Sue Cooper | Jean Tolkovsky | Andrea Humphries | Penny Green | Susanna Carter | Jojo Rowley | Ann Symes | 

Holy Smoke | Caroline Reynolds | Jasmine Simpson | Vicky Lindo | Betty Pepper | Elaine Thomas | Roo Abrook| Rachel Larkins | 

Christy Keeny | Charlotte Miller | Miranda Berrows | Kate Evans| Katie Spragg | Hazel Reeves | 

Claire Newman-Williams | John Dilnot | Susanne Winter | Frances Bloomfield | Tamar Rose | Maxine Allen | Vicki Atkinson | 

Ali Ferguson | Claire Cawte | Leila Arzaghi | Ostinelli & Priest | Elaine Bolt | Sue Brown | Rosie Wates | Claire Cutts | Jule Mallett |

Gwen Vaughan | Kim Bagley | Zoe Masterson | Bella Vernon | Ed Burnand | Jenny Lock | Jillian Riley | 

Raewyn Harrison | Hannah Battershell | Jane Corbett | Julia Jowett | Jenny Sharman-Cox | Julie Ball | Alice Walton | Rose Wallace | 

Tina Balmer | Adam Aaronson | Nichola Bendall | Sara Lee Roberts | Jazmin Velasco | Tammy Mackay |

Mychael Barrett | Claire Ireland | Olivia Jeffries | Sue Mundy | Justine Lois Thorpe | Alison Coaten | Norman Yap | Jim Bond |

Rob Parr | BLOTT WORKS | Anna Boss | Su Jameson | Rosalind Smith | Charlie Collier | Lesley Oldaker | Marcus Jake | Joe Inglis | 

Sarah Raphael Balme | Eleanor Meredith | Cathy Butcher | Justina Kochansky | Michelle McKinney | Harriet Porter


To see examples of artists' work please click on thumbnails below

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